Adult Beginner Violin Students

A forum for violin students of all styles and levels.

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A community for violin students.
A community for the beginning violin student. While this community is geared towards adult beginners, everyone is welcome. We've got a good mix of different ages and different levels, which enables us to have fruitful discussions on all things violin (and sometimes even viola!). Hopefully we'll get to hear about different styles of violin playing - classical, fiddle, jazz, and anything else!

This is a forum for learning, support, encouragement, information, ideas, sharing experiences, etc. about anything violin-related. If you feel comfortable leaving and introduction, please do! Its always inspiring to hear others and their violin journeys. And hopefully non-beginning violin students will join, offer advice, and give beginners inspiration and an idea of what to look forward to.

Here are some ideas on things to include in your intro (feel free to add and skip as you please, of course):

- what was the first thing you learned on the violin?
- how long have you been playing / involved with the violin?
- what are your short-term and/or long-term goals with the violin?
- what piece and/or technique are you working on now?
- favorite violin exercises?

A note about promoting other communities:
If it's a violin-related community, please promote it here! Sharing resources is always a good thing.
But please promote reciprocally; when you promote another community in violinstudents, please promote violinstudents in the other community as well. Thank you!
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